digital frequency converter (speed changer)

Product no.: TA-D

Speedo Converter / tachometer pulse converter adapter

Adjustable frequency converter (frequency multipliers or frequency dividers) for up to nine times the gain.

With this module you can for example, a speed signal from a 4-cylinder, thus increasing that a tachometer can be controlled from a 6-cylinder.

Continue to be used as a tachometer, speedometer recalibration module in wrong speed displayed by tire conversions, correcting the speed display up or down. It is soldered directly into the tacho signal line. The trim is done in steps of 1% by three zehnpolige step switch according to a simple calculation.

With the appropriate setting for this module can also cause the conversion from miles to kilometers. This is needed when you replace one miles by one kilometers Speedo Speedo.

When ordering you can specify the K value of the tachometer and the giver (how many pulses per distance or frequency at a certain speed), if you specify the value of the deviation of the tachometer, speedometer, we can set the adapter in advance. Then you need only install the adapter. A further adjustment in the installed state at any time.

technical data:

  • Power supply: 9-28 V
  • Quiescent current: 4.6 mA at 13.8 volts supply
  • Input signal: at least 2 volts peak to peak, potential independent, maximum 4,5 kHz by 12 volts square-wave in and maximum 1,6 kHz by 5 volts square-wave in
  • Output: square wave signal at the level of operating voltage minus 1.3 volts, a maximum of 13.1 volts, maximum 5 kHz

Alternatively, the module also can provide a sine wavel output. Please specify when ordering!

with 3 tap changers, the ratio can be adjusted input frequency to output frequency between 5% and 900%.

Bundle with VSS-01
This article can also be ordered as a bundle, in conjunction with our signal amplifier VSS-01 in a housing. The Signaverstärker here is already in the housing of the speedometer adapter installed also. With this package, the speed signal of the vehicle directly to an ABS sensor can be tapped. Price of the bundle package: 10%


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digital frequency converter (speed changer)